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Custom installation speaker and sound system packages for your home and business.

Residential and Commercial Sound Systems

Ceiling Speakers Store offers a range of sound systems and speaker packages, designed to fit the most common applications that we see every day in our custom AV installation business.

Here in our online store we feature home theater speaker packages and multi-room audio packages for your home, and background music and paging systems for your business.

Home Theater Speakers

Designed to balance aesthetics, sound quality, and value, our 5.1 surround sound and 7.1 surround sound speaker systems feature flush inwall and ceiling speakers in a variety of combinations, along with flush inwall subwoofers. Floor-standing powered subwoofers are also available.

Whole-House Music

Our distributed audio systems for whole-house music will play music from your source (AM/FM, satellite radio, ipod/mp3, Bluetooth, computer, etc) to speakers in each room of your home. Control each room's volume independently with wall volume controls or a master control box at your main equipment location.

Our complete packages feature an AM/FM receiver, with inputs for your additional sources, to drive your system.

Already have a receiver or amplifer? No problem! Choose a speaker package with a switcher to control each room, or we can put together a package with speakers and wall volume controls.

Commercial Background Music System

Our business backgound music and/or paging systems can enhance your customers' experience, increase worker productivity, and provide a convenient way to get your messages out. Typical applications include retail stores, restaurants, bars, salons, hotels, offices, and many more. A mixer/amplifier at the heart of the system provides inputs for your music source, connection to a paging port on your business telephone system, and microphone inputs.

Choose from system packages with flush ceiling speakers, surface-mount box speakers, pendant speakers, or paging horns for indoor and outdoor use.

Custom Systems

We are happy to customize a system to fit your specific needs- just ask!

Commercial business backgound music and paging systems for retail stores, restaurants, bars, salons

Commercial business backgound music and paging systems for retail stores, restaurants, bars, salons

Custom Sound System Packages

Flush inwall speakers and ceiling speakers for 5.1 surround, 7.1 surround, or any custom system.

Home Theater Speaker Packages

Watch movies and TV or listen to music in surround sound with  our home theater speaker packages. Choose from inwall speakers, flush ceiling speakers, and floor-standing subwoofers  to blend aesthetics, performance, and value.

Multiroom audio systems play music throughout your home with independent vol. control for each room.

Distributed Home Audio Systems

Play music throughout your home with a whole-house music system. Inwall and ceiling speakers blend into your decor. Add outdoor speakers to the deck for outdoor entertaining. Volume controls for each area give you the most flexibility.

Restaurant, bar, salon, retail store, office background music systems.

Commercial Business Sound Systems

Add background music to your retail store, restaurant, bar, salon, office, etc. Connect to your phone system for paging or add a microphone for public address.

Sound System Packages

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